Map & Data Information


The following disclaimer shall be placed upon all maps and applies to all hard copy and digital data formats:

"The data represented on this map has been compiled by the best methods available. Accuracy is contingent upon the source information as compiled by various agencies and departments both internal and external to the consolidated government of Augusta, GA. Augusta, GA and the companies contracted to develop these data assume no legal responsibilities for the information or accuracy contained on this map. It is strictly forbidden to sell or reproduce these maps or data for any reason without the written consent of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission."

How to Get Maps

Paper maps and digital data will be produced for a fee by emailing the IT-GIS Division or mailing your request to:
Augusta Information Technology
Attn:GIS Division
535 Telfair St Bldg 2000
Augusta, GA 30901

For a list of maps available for download, visit the PDF Gallery.

Guidelines & Pricing

Visitors Map
To obtain a street map of the Augusta Metropolitan Area, please contact the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce at (706) 821-1300.

Property Taxes

To obtain property tax information, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at (706) 821-2310.

Flood Information

To obtain flood information, please contact the Planning and Development Department at (706) 821-1796. Flood information is also available in the online mapping application.

Zoning and Transportation Information

To obtain zoning information, 1988 or 1964 aerial photographs, traffic counts, or traffic zones please call the Planning and Development Department at (706) 821-1796 or stop by the office at:
535 Telfair St Ste 300
Augusta, GA 30901
For instructions on how to find the zoning class on the mapping application, please visit the instruction guide here.