Paper Map Guidelines


  • Media - All maps will be printed on standard white bond paper; printing on other media is not a service currently offered.
  • Timeliness - The maps will be provided in a practical timeframe. In special cases (e.g. custom maps or large orders), we will provide the maps in a time period not to exceed one week unless a different time frame is negotiated during the map request.
  • Cost - Labor charges of $45 per hour will apply. Additionally, custom mapping that includes GIS Analysis will incur an hourly fee plus printing costs.
  • Release to County Departments, Managers, and Elected Officials - Maps will be created and released to County departments to assist in management at no charge. Companies working on projects for the County will receive data and maps at no charge. In the case when an elected official has qualified to run for re-election, he or she shall pay full cost for maps used in the campaign.
  • Disclaimer - All paper maps must have the Augusta GIS Disclaimer, please see disclaimer here.

Pricing List

8.5 x 11
11 x 17
17 x 22
24 x 34
34 x 42