Street Names Origins

Harper Boulevard
Laura Harper, daughter of a free black family in pre-Civil War Augusta, was one of the first graduates of Paine College.

Johnson Drive
Johnson Drive was name after Dr. S. S. Johnson, who was a medical doctor and a bank president.

Lyons Drive
Judson W. Lyons, born in Burke County in 1860, became the first black to practice law in Augusta.

Murray Boulevard
Solomon W. H. Murray, born in Augusta in 1868, was a minister and a trustee for the Walker Baptist Institute.

Pinkerton Drive
Earl Stone Pinkerton was a manager of the Lenox Theater on Ninth Street and was active in several civic organizations.

Scott Drive
Janie Scott, born in 1895, was the daughter of Charles M. Scott, who served with distinction in the Spanish-American War with the Tan Yanks. She was in the first graduating class from the Lamar School of Nursing in 1916 and was one of the first black registered nurses in Georgia.

White Boulevard
White Boulevard was named for the educator and publisher William Jefferson White. Mr. White was born in 1832 and before the Civil War organized a secret school for blacks. By 1866, he was an ordained minister. He co-founded Augusta Institute, which became Atlanta's Morehouse College.

Wilborn Drive
William Wilborn was both a businessman and a farmer.