Employee of the Year 2012

Patricia Ystenes, Employee of the Year 2012The Employee Recognition Committee has selected Patricia L. Ystenes (Pat) as the 2012 Employee of the Year for the City of Augusta. Patricia L. Ystenes is employed as an Administrative Assistant with the Fleet Management Department. She has been employed with the city for over eleven (11) years. As you may recall, Ms. Ystenes was nominated by Ron Crowden, Manager with the Fleet Management Department in March 2012 for the Employee of the Month-she was selected.

In Patricia’s previous selection, she distinguished herself with coordination of the completion of the transition from the Fuelman fuel provider to the Wright Express provider which required that she generate over 1350 individual Personal Identification numbers (PIN) and over 1400 vehicle cards through the Wright Express card system. This also involved the task of distributing the PIN’s and vehicle cards to the individual departments.

Pat’s direct and dedicated involvement resulted then and now in a successful transition in a minimum of time with outstanding results. Her work resulted in a first months cost curtailment/containment of over $35,000. (NOTE: The transition from Fuelman to Wright Express contained costs by the reduction of taxes paid through Fuelman but exempt through Wright Express. This allowed the money paid in taxes to be extracted from the bill instead of added to the fuel cost – “money not paid” as part of the fuel bill. In addition, Wright Express allowed for a volume discount which was not given by Fuelman”.) This curtailment is realized each month and adds up over the year.

Since Patricia’s election as the March 2012 employee of the month she’s made continued outstanding contributions. During the period May 8, 2012 through October 1, 2012, Patricia distinguished herself by carrying on the daily duties of Fleet Management while the Fleet Manager, Ron Crowden, was on extended medical leave. During this time she monitored, approved or disapproved over 4,169 work orders for vehicle and equipment maintenance. In addition she organized, inventoried, posted and collected the proceeds for and deposited the funds of over 118 lots sold on the GovDeals website. This was accomplished as well as performing her daily duties as the Fleet Management Coordinator. In addition to this, Patricia completed the requirements of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Concentration Management, from Colorado Technical University.

The Employee Recognition Committee felt that based on this nomination and Patricia L. Ystenes’ dedicated and loyal service to the City of Augusta we would appreciate you joining us in recognizing Patricia L. Ystenes as the 2012 Employee of the Year.