Employee of the Month

Congratulations Annette Coker

Annette Coker EOM-December 2015 The Employee Recognition Committee has selected Annette Coker as the December 2015 Employee of the Month for Augusta, Georgia. Ms. Coker works with the Augusta Information Technology Department where she has been since 2012.

Annette has been employed with Augusta Richmond County for 32 years, which includes her tenure with the Augusta Information Technology Department. The IT department knows that she does the work of many, but it would be astounding to all the customers if they had even an inkling. Every piece of information used by this government is in some way stored in a database of some sort. While there are several application teams to support the applications, there is only one database administrator, and that’s Annette! Annette gives tirelessly of her time in order to support the plethora of databases, always giving 110% to get the job done right to reduce downtime for her customers. When there is an upgrade to be performed, she works with all respective parties from the initial system requirements phase, server setup and software installation and assists with the application upgrade. Annette is always willing to learn about all aspects of the applications whose databases she supports. And her commitment to IT doesn’t stop at database management and team support. Annette has a strong sense of community service, so when IT introduced Camp Data, Annette was an integral part of the team leading the way. She can always be counted on to head a committee and get the job done, whether it’s Camp Data, Christmas for a child/children in need, the office potluck dinner, a co-worker in need or the recognition of a team member.

Annette's advanced database skills and willingness to keep her technical capabilities to industry standards and beyond, have enabled IT to aggregate data from multiple systems to provide valuable decision making information across departments and integrate into various applications that would normally be contracted out or done by vendors at a much higher rate. This type of commitment is a valuable cost savings for Augusta Georgia and our citizens.

Based on this nomination and Annette’s outstanding contribution to the Information Technology department and her service to Augusta, Georgia the Employee Recognition Committee would appreciate you joining us in recognizing her as the December 2015 Employee of the Month.


Thinking of nominating someone for employee of the month? The following are the guidelines for a nomination along with the form.
  • Nominations are for individual full time employees (not groups).
  • Employees cannot be nominated if they are on probation.
  • Performance should be "above and beyond" what is normally expected in the day to day performance of job duties.
  • Nomination forms are to be sent to Attention: Employee Relations, Human Resources Dept., 535 Telfair St. Rm#400A.
  • Nominations must be received by the 20th of each month.
  • Nomination forms are available on the City of Augusta web site.
Employee of the Month Nomination Form


Employees selected as Augusta Employee of the Month are awarded a plaque, a city pin, receive one day off work with pay, and a monetary gift of $100.00.

If you have any questions you may contact Employee Relations @706-821-6303.
  • Sylvia Williams – Committee Chairman (Human Resources Dept.)
  • Ramiro Guedea - (Human Resources Dept.)
  • Edie Coleman - (Finance Dept.)
  • Takiyah Douse – (Tax Commission)
  • Linda Jones – (Utilities Dept.)
  • Carla S. Moore – (Tax Assessor)