Business Licenses

Alcohol and Business License Applications and Forms
The following applications are provided to download and print for your convenience. They are intended to expedite your process with business licenses.

  • Alcohol Beverage Application
  • Alcohol Beverage Personnel Statement
  • Alcohol Instructions
  • Alcohol Excise Form
  • Business Tax Return 
  • Business Tax Return (New Businesses)
  • Car Excise Form
  • Catering Application
  • Hotel Motel Form

  • One Day Event
  • SAVE Affidavit 
  • E-Verify Affidavit
  • Transportation Fee Form
  • Close Account Form (Must be submitted in PDF format)
  • Occupation Tax Schedule
  • Regulatory Fee Schedule

  • Business License Renewal
    If you already have a business license and you want to renew it online, you can do so by clicking the link to the right.  Note:  You will be required to register with the CityView Public Portal in order to renew online.

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