Augusta Veterans Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor is an effort by the City of Augusta to honor servicemen and servicewomen who have connections to the Augusta area. This includes those who have been killed in action / died in service, as well as those who have connections to the Augusta area because they were born here, lived here, were stationed here (at Fort Gordon or elsewhere in the area), or who otherwise have connections to our area. This effort is not exclusive specifically to Augusta natives or Augusta residents.

Please see the links to the left for information about the contributions of service members from Augusta and the surrounding areas.

The intent of the Wall of Honor is to permit citizens to submit the names and some other basic biographical information about a Veteran whom they wish to honor. This information, such as branch of service, years of service, conflicts in which they served, etc. is to be gathered purely for purposes of organizing the submissions, such as honoring certain groups of veterans on special days that are significant for their branch of service. The submissions will be placed in a slideshow or photo gallery on the website. The Wall of Honor will be updated periodically to include new entries, but special efforts will be made to have new submissions completed by Memorial Day and Veterans Day of each year.

Augusta will treat the submissions for the Wall of Honor with the highest dignity and respect, given the subject matter and the importance of the contributions of our veterans.

Note: All pictures on this Veterans' web site and subsites are in the public domain.

Memorial Videos - Augusta Area Service Members who were Killed in Action or Died in Service

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