Planning & Development


  • Long-term planning
  • Administration of the Comprehensive Master Plan for the Department of Augusta Recreation, Parks & Facilities.
  • Management of the City of Augusta's Capital Improvement Plan for Recreation, Parks & Facilities
  • Construction of new parks
  • Rehabilitation of existing park facilities
  • Coordination of legislative requests
  • Grant fund administration

Planning and Development Division

The Division of Planning and Development is responsible for long term planning, administration of the Comprehensive Master Plan for the Department of Recreation and Parks, management of the City of Augusta’s Capital Improvement Plan for recreation and Parks, construction of new parks, rehabilitation of existing park facilities, the coordination of legislative requests and grant fund administration.

Phase VII of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) program was approved in November 2015. This voter approved capital improvement program will guide the development of new parks and the renovation of existing parks from 2016 - 2020. A total of $17.5 million has been appropriated for the Department of Recreation and Parks. Since 1996, over $70M in sales tax funds have been dedicated in making our park system one of the best in the nation through new park development and the rehabilitation of existing facilities.

In February of 2015, a team of consultants led by the local firm of Cranston Engineering Group, P.C., was commissioned by the City of Augusta to develop a comprehensive Recreation and Parks Master Plan. The objective of this Master Plan was to identify current conditions and deficiencies, provide recommendations for remediation measures and develop a strategic budgetary implementation plan for future development activities for the City‘s Recreation and Parks Master Plan
The 10-year master plan is our commitment to regularly review resources and direction and to make sure that our local parks system continues to be a viable and effective community resource for all Augustan's. We expect this plan to be the foundation for future funding requests and re-alignment of resources as needed.

The Division takes great pride in working with all residents of the City of Augusta to ensure there is the maximum amount of public input during the process in the development of a quality park system for all of our residents and visitors alike. Our staff works diligently with local agencies, the Richmond County Board of Education, elected officials, the business community, non-profit organizations, the Georgia Recreation and Park Association, the National Recreation and Park Association and of course our most precious commodity, you, our residents in an effort to maximize funding dollars and expertise to provide the parks, facilities and services we all can be proud to enjoy.