Mass Tax Bill Files


This information is intended for users who are capable of downloading and manipulating mass bill files. The files are generally updated each Monday.
The bill file contains information regarding outstanding property tax balances due to Richmond County as of the date indicated. While the information is public record, it must be noted that accuracy is contingent upon the source information, as compiled by the various agencies, and departments, both internal and external to, the consolidated government of Augusta, GA.

It is of utmost importance to watch for due dates before calling a taxpayer delinquent. In addition, some bills are coded bankruptcy and the taxpayers are protected by the bankruptcy laws. Other bills may be coded as under appeal or assessment change order pending and therefore not yet due. There may be other protections that need to be afforded taxpayers and I highly recommend working with my office staff before publishing anything taken from the enclosed information. Please call (706) 821-2415 for assistance.

Current Status / Balance

To obtain a current status or balance due from Richmond County Tax Commissioner’s office representatives, please call (706) 821-2391 or fax (706) 821-2419. Written requests may be sent to:
Steven Kendrick
Tax Commissioner
Room #100 Municipal Building
535 Telfair St.
Augusta, GA 30901

Please supply bill number or map and parcel (for real property) on all requests. To obtain current balance (generally updated nightly), please view the tax bill search instructions.


  • Record Layout - Contains record layout for files
  • 2017 and Prior Real Outstanding Bills - Contains all 2017 real estate tax bills and any associated back taxes. This file included all adjustments and payments through the "As of" date of 09/08/2017.
  • Size – 8,427 KB
    Number of Records – 95,092
    Type - WinZip File