Mobile Home Information

Decals for Mobile Homes

Georgia law requires ad valorem taxes be collected on mobile homes. As with motor vehicles, a current renewal decal must be displayed on the mobile home. Bills for taxpayers already in the system from last year are mailed in January. The decals may be purchased without penalty between January 2 and April 1.

Purchasing Decals

Decals may be purchased in person at the:
Richmond County Tax Commissioner’s Office
Room #100
Municipal Building
535 Telfair St.
Augusta , GA 30901

Decals may also be obtained by mail. Taxpayers who qualify for free homestead exemption decals will receive them in the mail before May 1.

Registering Your Mobile Home

Taxpayers registering their mobile home for the first time must go to:
Planning and Zoning Office
525 Telfair St.
Augusta, GA (706) 821-1796

For more information, please call (706) 821-2393.