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1. For what part(s) of Richmond County does IT-GIS assign addresses?
2. Will my address ever change?
3. Why does my address have to change?
4. I’ve lived here for 30 years and everybody knows me and where I live. Why do I need to change my address?
5. I own vacant property, should my situs address number be posted?
6. I receive mail through a post office box. Am I required to post my address number?
7. I received a notice of my address changing. When will it become effective?
8. Is Augusta, GA going to pay for me to change my address on all of my personal items?
9. Do I need to have a new deed recorded for my home with the new address?
10. The address IT-GIS has given me and the address that the Post Office gave me is different. Which should I use?
11. My address number is painted on the curb. Am I required to post my number on the house and/or mailbox?
12. My property is more than 50ft from the road. Am I required to have numbers on my structure and at the road?