Business License Reimbursement Program

This program reimburses new small business owners for the cost of the City’s business license up to $290 which equates to $500,000 in yearly sales.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The business must be located within the Augusta-Richmond County area 
  • The business must be a for profit entity 
  • Total yearly gross receipts must not exceed $500,000
  • The business must be in good standing relative to all professional certifications or licenses
  • The business must retain or create a full or part-time job 
  • See Exhibit “D” Income Eligibility form attached to the application. This job retention or creation can apply to any full or part-time employees current or new at the company

How to Apply?

  • At  the Housing & Community Development Home page go to the HCD Application portal or
  • Register on the Neighborly Grants portal with your email and password 
  • Go to the drop box at the top and click on Business License Reimbursement 
  • Fill in the entire application and provide the information that is requested 
  • Once you complete the application and submit you will be contacted that it was received 

Income Eligibility for Individual and Family


Phone number:  706-821-1797 or  706-821-1871